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CEO and President, Brian Feser of MILSPRAY and entire staff send condolences to Aharon Sofer’s family

Photo: Facebook

Photo: Facebook

Brian Feser, CEO and President of MILSPRAY and his entire staff were troubled by the tragic news of the loss of life of Lakewood native, Aharon Sofer while travelling overseas. We extend our deepest sympathies to the Sofer family and the Lakewood community for their terrible loss. Everyone at MILSPRAY will continue to keep the Sofer family in our thoughts and prayers during this time of considerable grief.

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Tidbit Thursday: Diversity is key to success!



We welcome you to another Tidbit Thursday, this week we wanted to share the numbers to our workforce diversity we have here at MILSPRAY Military Technologies.

Did you know that our executive management team is comprised of 50% women?

Another little tidbit: Did you know that 40% of our management team is comprised of service disabled veterans?

We believe that by leveraging our unique talents, experiences and points of view, we can successfully deliver innovative solutions and value to our customers.

To see our core capabilities, solutions, and product lines be sure to visit:



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#Throwback Thursday: Motivation at it’s best!



We wanted our #Throwback Thursday to bring a little piece of mind to all of our readers. It is important to remember when looking to become the change you want to occur, the mind is the most precious thing you have,

“The mind is everything. What you think you become.” -Buddha

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Tech Tuesday News: Who wants to build a Space Fence?


Image courtesy of Lockheed Martin

On this #TechTuesday we found that General Dynamics (GD) is to develop ground structures for USAF Space Fence programme.

Lockheed Martin had awarded a contract to (GD) C4 Systems SATCOM Technologies to design and build the ground structures for the US Air Force’s Space Fence program.

This contract is part of a $915m deal that was awarded by the U.S. Air Force to Lockheed earlier this past June. This Space Fence will be a multistatic radar system made to increase the service’s abilities of not only identifying but also, tracking space debris.

To read more visit:

If you have a topic for #TechTuesday you would like to suggest, feel free to send us an email by clicking here.

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Starting on Friday August 22, 2014 we here at MILSPRAY nominated four employees to take part in the ALS #ICEBUCKETCHALLENGE.

The nominees were:

Brian Feser- MILSPRAY’s CEO

Liz DeSerio- MILSPRAY’s CFO/Senior Vice President of Operations

Courtney McBride- MILSPRAY’s Logistics and Contracting Manager

Bill Morganti- MILSPRAY’s Lakewood Site Manager

We released the videos during our “Get Iced” weekend extravaganza. We also changed the rules slightly in order to get the entire organization involved. We enacted a pricing scheme in order to determine how many buckets would dumped on the nominees’ heads. Although some refused to dump, we filled quite a number of 2.5 gallon buckets.

To view each video separately visit our MILSPRAY Facebook company page by: clicking here.

To view our recap video by: clicking here.

Today finished counting the internal donations and have raised $416.00 in support of the ALS Association.


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It’s Follow Friday!



Good afternoon to all! We want to get to know YOU  (our followers) better. Today, tell us what Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, and Pinterest accounts you follow. Or, if you believe we should be following you, please share your links below. Then, pass the #FollowFriday fun around.

We look forward to hearing your response and have a great weekend!

Also, we have completed the ALS #ICEBUCKETCHALLENGE be sure to stay tuned this weekend to our Facebook Page for our video release of the 4 MILSPRAY Employees who participated!

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Tidbit Thursday: Did you know we will be attending the 8th Annual STAR-TIDES Technology Demonstration?



Tidbit Thursday: We here at MILSPRAY Military Technologies are excited to announce that we will be attending the 8th Annual STAR-TIDES Technology Field Demonstration at Ft. McNair, Washington, DC.. on Oct. 6, 2014- Oct. 11, 2014 For more information regarding the demonstration please visit:

If you would like to find out more about MILSPRAY Military Technologies, and the products, and/or services we offer we would like to invite you to our website:click here.

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A vehicle that’s beyond bullet that where DARPA is headed in 2015?



Can you imagine a vehicle that can travel at extreme speeds, and is invisible to enemies? What does a vehicle like that even look like? Well, that is exactly the type of vehicle the Pentagon is trying to create through it’s ground X-vehicle (GXV-T) program.

To read more on what the Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA) has to say and to learn more about the program, click here.

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Mid-Week Motivation: Be the change you want to see!



Good morning to all! This week’s motivation comes from the beloved Mahatma Ghandi who said, “You must be the change you wish to see in the world.” 

Today we hope you stay inspired to becoming the best you, that you can possibly be! 

Have a great day, and remember to share the mid-week motivation with others whom you feel may need it.


Military Monday: What is the 1033 Program?

Good Afternoon, to all on this Military Monday!

Today we wanted to share with you a little bit about the 1033 Program which permits the secretary of defense to transfer, without charge, excess U.S. Department of Defense equipment to state and local law enforcement agencies.

Did you know It has been in effect in its current form since 1996? Read more by visiting here.

Graphic by Richard Johnson/ The Washington Post

Be sure not to forget to share the information on the 1033 Program on Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn. Have a great day!