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#MilitaryMonday News: The Power of Social Media Unleashed to Help A Stranded Soldier!

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Did you ever wonder just who is watching your Facebook posts?

On today’s #MilitaryMonday feature, we turn our focus to a U.S. Air Force staff sergeant, Rowan Coasch who could never have anticipated the generosity of complete strangers from a small Utah city, and how they would help him in a dramatic way.

Back in May, Coash’s 2005 Toyota Corolla had broken down in a desert canyon during a 2,000-mile trip from Washington State to Texas, little did he know that the tow truck that arrived would only be part of his support system.

He soon found out that it would take $3,500 to fix his vehicle and would take six to ten days for it to be fully repaired. This caused Rowan quite a bit of worry, since the Air Force could have considered him absent without leave, if he didn’t return to San Antonio within two days.

What happened next was incredible…to read more visit

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