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Are you prepared? Be prepared with these 14 essential items!

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The month of September has been dedicated to, “Being Disaster Aware and Taking Action to Prepare.”

Therefore, we decided to help as many individuals “Be Prepared” by creating an infographic with 14 items from our sister brand, J. Bullivant Urban Survival Gear.

  1. Solar Backpack– Have confidence in knowing that your backpack is capable of charging your electronics devices even if you didn’t have access to electricity.
  2. Water Purification System- This bottle takes water from any freshwater source…ponds, lakes, faucets, reservoirs and purifies it so it if safe to drink. It removes 99.9% of pollutants and other contaminants. Combined with the water purification tablets you have the ability to ensure you have the capacity to provide yourself or your loved ones the single most important element in any survival situation…clean drinking water.
  3. LED Compact Flashlight- This flashlight has 9 high powered LED bulbs and is in a durable metal housing. Uses 3 AAA batteries and yes, the batteries are included.
  4. Personal Power Generator- This generator has enough power reserved to charge a smart phone up to two times and provide power to your iPad,  Kindle and other small electronics, the Personal Power Generator (PPG) makes your backpack a mobile power center. Your PPG charges through the solar panels on the outside of your backpack.
  5. Medusa Charger- The Medusa Charger is a dual AC/DC charger so you can use it in the car or in your home. It also has two charging ports so that you can charge two devices simultaneously. This charger is powerful enough to charge a tablet and a smart phone at the same time.
  6. Urban Combination Tool- This combination tool contains a whistle, compass, match holder, and signaling mirror. The match holder is waterproof and contains multiple “strike anywhere” matches.
  7. Compressed Towel Tablets- These tablets are great for cleaning your hands and face, a surface, or decontaminating your body. Simply add a few drops of water to the towel tablet and watch it expand.  For decontamination and disinfection be sure apply a liberal amount of sanitizer gel to the cloth.
  8. Emergency  Glow Sticks- These glow sticks have an 8 hour life and are perfect for signaling, roadside emergencies, or for hanging off your J. Bulllivant  backpack when walking at night. Since no power is needed they would be a perfect companion in the event of an emergency/disaster.
  9. Instant Hand Sanitizer- In the event of an emergency, finding clean running water can be very difficult. However, keeping your hands clean helps you avoid getting sick and prevents the transmission of dangerous diseases.
  10. All Hazards Radio- This device has quite a few bells and whistles.  One feature is the NOAA All Hazards Radio which has five watts of output and 7 channels. The radio provides constant up-to-date forecasts and emergency information, 24 hours, 7 days a week for your local area. No plugs or wires are required. The hand crank allows you to recharge the radio during a power outage or anytime you’re away from a power source.  There is also a Led Flashlight and a USB jack which allows you to recharge your devices like a cell-phone in the event of an emergency.
  11. Two Way Emergency Radio-  This radio can be thought of as a “voice amplifier”. This two way radio is extremely intuitive and simple to use. It also has the All Hazards emergency radio function as well.
  12. Pandemic Protection Mask- This mask is your first line of defense against H1N1, Swine Flu, Avian Influenza, Bird Flu, Tuberculosis, SARS, Small Pox, MRSA and more. It is intended to help reduce your exposure to these and other very small airborne particles and is a type N95 NIOSH- approved respirator. Since it meets CDC guidelines for the reduction of potential contamination from the spray, spatter, and aerosol of blood and body fluids it is also a medical surgery mask.
  13. Emergency Foil Blanket-  Even though our Emergency Foil Blanket isn’t the most cozy, it can save your life. The metallic material helps to preserve body heat and can make the difference between surviving in a cold weather disaster and not.
  14. Emergency Foil Sleeping Bag- In cold weather emergency/disaster situations, the ability to stay warm is critical. Use our emergency foil sleeping bag to stay warm and stave off frost bite and chill.


Now that you have read through our 14 Essential Must Haves, we would like to invite you to our J. Bullivant Urban Survival Gear website to take a look around. Also, in honor of September being Emergency Preparedness Month we are excited to be offering a 25% off discount to your entire purchase. Use the Promo Code: PLAN2014

We want to hear your feedback, and suggestions towards being more aware and taking action to be prepared.

If you feel we have left out any essentials be sure to let us know what you would add to the list. 


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