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Day 1: Fort McNair

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Our day here at MILSPRAY started with this great photo. MILSPRAY’s Director of Engineering, Joseph Gerschutz had his bag packed and was ready to hit the open road.


Before he left, he took a beautiful photo of our Scorpion Energy Hunter ™ onsite. Then he began his trip to Fort McNair in Washington, DC.


On his way there he did need to refuel with a cup of coffee. We do admit that we enjoy our morning coffee here at MILSPRAY.


Once he arrived it was straight to work with John McMullen, VP for Business Development in setting up our Scorpion  Energy Hunter ™ on the field.


John took a great picture of Joe after they completed the setup, and they even had a little daylight to spare.


They decided to take a photo of the National War College and even a photo of our beautiful Scorpion Energy Hunter ™ as the sun was starting to settle in for the day.


As the day ended they took this great photo of the sun setting. Such a tranquil picture to end the day with.

Be sure to tune in tomorrow for more photos from the #TIDESDemo14 at Fort McNair in Washington, DC.

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Want to find out more about our Scorpion Energy Hunter™? Click here.


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