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Spotlight Sunday: 13 Must Know Facts About Our Scorpion Energy Hunter™

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On this Spotlight Sunday we wanted to give you 13 “Must Know” facts about our Scorpion Energy Hunter™.

  1. Made in the USA! 
  2. Reduces JP-8 fuel consumption by 80%.
  3. Can use multiple energy sources: solar, wind, hydroelectric, diesel, or JP-8.
  4. Rapidly deployable the entire system fits into 2 quadcons.
  5. Large, scalable solar harvesting capacity.
  6. Fully adjustable to work at any location worldwide.
  7. Has a 90 minute or less setup time.
  8. Utilizes simple tools and quick release pins.
  9. No electrical or utility training required.
  10. Has color coded plug and play design.
  11. Has single intuitive display and operator interface.
  12. Onsite and remote system monitoring capabilities.
  13. Integrated Scorpion Intelligent Power Center™ which monitors system performance and supplies and serves as a backup of power if and when needed.

Showcase Energy Hunter

Want to stay up to date with the most relevant news pertaining to our Scorpion Energy Hunter™ then follow our LinkedIn Scorpion Energy Hunter™ showcase page by clicking here.

There you will find events we will be attending and displaying our Scorpion Energy Hunter™. See you there!


One thought on “Spotlight Sunday: 13 Must Know Facts About Our Scorpion Energy Hunter™

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