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Winning with Women Wednesdays: Turning Fear into Fuel for Personal Growth

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Winning With Women Wednesday March 31

It is Winning with Women Wednesday and MILSPRAY’s Logistics & Contracting Manager, Courtney McBride, would like to share her thoughts and experience to help you keep calm while remaining open to change, while you journey up the corporate ladder.

Set high goals. Don’t be afraid to have a “go-getter” mentality. Wake up ready to take on whatever may be thrown at you.
Push yourself. Always push yourself to do better and be better. Nothing is ever easy, so be prepared for the worse but strive to do your best.
Never settle for less. Especially when setting expectations for yourself. Sacrifices and longs hours will come your way, but don’t give up. I remember my high school coach had a motto, “Can’t means won’t, and won’t means time for push-ups.” This motto helped me realize that as soon as you start saying I can’t do something, you are already deciding to set yourself up for defeat. You must decide that eliminating the words can’t and won’t from your vocabulary, will only assist in your path to success.

Courtney McBride MILSPRAY’s Logistics & Contracting Manager is Courtney McBride. McBride is the longest tenured employee at MILSPRAY and soon she will be celebrating 10 years with the organization. She previously has worked various roles in the organization from: an administrative assistant, to being a shop technician, and assisting as an order fulfillment technician. All of these roles have shown how McBride truly is a Jane of all trades.


One thought on “Winning with Women Wednesdays: Turning Fear into Fuel for Personal Growth

  1. Eliminating can’t and won’t is definitely great advice!


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