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Winning with Women Wednesdays: 8 Must-Know Tools for Millennial Digital Marketing Managers

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Today, is Winning with Women Wednesday and MILSPRAY’s Digital Marketing Manager, Natalie Adis would like to share with you eight tools to help you save time, stay organized, and continue being social as a Millennial Digital Marketing Manager.

Currently, the Millennial Generation accounts for approximately 27.4% (~76,000,000) [1] of the total United States population and are expected to account for 75% of the global workforce by 2025 [2] .

But what does it mean to be a Millennial?

Well, if you were born within the years of 1981-2000, you are a part of Millennial Generation, also known as, The Next Boomers, Gen-Y, Echo Boomers, Generation Next, or the Net Generation.

Did you know that today 63% of millennials have a bachelor’s degree [3] and over 15% of them are currently managers [4]?

3 Tools to Save Time

1. Hootsuite™– The Hootsuite™ platform allows you to store everything you need in one place. The platform lets you engage, listen, analyze, and collaborate your social media campaigns which help save time while keeping your social assets secure.

2. Flipboard– As a digital marketing manager I read hundreds of publications throughout the year. Since, finding “valuable content” is one of the most time consuming portions of my day. Flipboard is a great tool that allows you to choose the publications you want to read and creates a personal magazine tailored to fit your needs.

3. of unsubscribing to email subscriptions that you don’t even remember signing up for? identifies and compiles a neat list of all of your email subscriptions and allows you to unsubscribe from them right from the website interface, saving you a tremendous amount of time and frustration.

3 Tools to Stay Organized

1. Evernote– If your desk is full of post-it notes and three-ring binders you may need another way to organize your projects from inspiration to completion. Evernote allows you to take notes in a clean and distraction-free workspace. You can also create notebooks and add tags to manage your projects.

2. Pocket– Ever begin reading an interesting article and had been interrupted by something or someone that prevented you from reading the rest of the article? If so, Pocket helps you stay organized and stores your articles in an easy to find location on your tablet, iPad, kindle, or Smartphone.

3. Trello-If you enjoy creating boards on Pinterest, this tool has the capability to manage your projects using a similar format. But it also has the ability to: add due dates, labels, attachments, team members, and checklists to keep everything you need for your content calendar to stay organized.

2 Tools to Remain Social

1. – This is a must-have tool if your organization is on Twitter. On a single dashboard, it helps you identify your high-value members, monitor in real-time social mentions, and keeps you efficient by showing you recent activity going on in your community. You can also Retweet (RT), Reply, or Favorite within the dashboard as well.

2. Repost If you are currently using Instagram for your organization, you know the importance of reposting your followers content to maintain a sense of community. Repost allows you to create grams within the application and give credit to the user who originally posted it.

Just remember, in today’s digital age we have an abundance of tools that will only help you “Do Social”, but there is no tool that can replace, “Being Social”.

[1-4]“The Rise of The Millennials (Infographic),” 2013,

Natalie Adis Natalie Adis is MILSPRAY’s Digital Marketing Manager. Adis began her career at MILSPRAY as a Social Media Strategist Intern and worked her way to a full-time Digital Marketing Manager role.

Prior to her coming to MILSPRAY, Natalie had been and still remains the Founder and Owner of the Digital Marketing Agency, Social Splash Guru. As a Hootsuite™ Ambassador and Google Partner she remains an active participant as a Subject Matter Expert in Digital Marketing. She was also featured in Zazzle Media’s Article, “Expert Tips for Impactful Content Distribution.”

She holds both a Bachelor of Arts in Humanities (Spanish Studies) and a Master of Business Administration in Global Marketing from Georgian Court University.

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