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Press Release: MILSPRAY Military Technologies™, Lakewood, NJ – September 2, 2015 Major Police Supply Proudly Offers Ballistic Resistant System™ from MILSPRAY Military Technologies™: Partnership Focuses on “Protecting Those * Protecting Us”

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MILSPRAY Military Technologies™ has formed a partnership with Major Police Supply that leverages MILSPRAY™’s successful history of innovation in ballistic resistant technologies within the defense industry with Major Police Supply’s extensive experience in of emergency vehicle equipment installation and fleet maintenance. Major Police Supply (Kenvil, NJ), one of the largest up-fitters in the nation, now offers the MILSPRAY™ Ballistic Resistant System™ (BRS™), a patent pending design that effectively armors the doors of law enforcement and government vehicles. Lightweight ballistic resistant panels are installed inside both front doors to protect officers from most common handguns. BRS™ is hidden from sight and is so thin that it does not interfere with the functionality of the door. Custom fitting enables us to provide complete “edge to edge” protection for virtually any vehicle. The majority of law enforcement vehicles contain no ballistic protection at all. The BRS™ addresses that threat, offering UL Level-III protection up to and including a .44 Magnum. Furthermore, the BRS™ System meets National Institute of Justice (NIJ) requirements for ballistic resistance and undergoes a series of quality controls and testing in accordance with the standard NIJ test protocol.

The initial market launch of the BRS™ included a partnership with the Lakewood Police Department, Lakewood, NJ, to install the system in several of their vehicles to include Dodge Chargers, Chevy Tahoes and Ford Explorers. In support of the product launch, we attended the International Association of Chiefs of Police (IACP) Convention in Orlando, FL, and placed an advertorial in the IACP magazine, Police Chief, in October 2014. Additionally, the Asbury Park Press, Asbury Park, NJ, featured the BRS™ in an article entitled, “Protecting The Protectors” in December 2014. In June 2015, the BRS™ was prominently displayed with an overwhelming response at the Police Security Expo in Atlantic City, NJ.

“We are excited about this unique partnership with Major Police Supply and look forward to providing ballistic resistant technology for Protecting Those * Protecting Us,” says Brian Feser, President and CEO, MILSPRAY™, and proud member of the American Society for Industrial Security (ASIS) International. “MILSPRAY™ is committed to providing officer survival one vehicle at a time”.

For more information on MILSPRAY™’s Ballistic Resistant System™: Click Here

Contact: Chantel Robinson, VP, Administrative Operations,, (732) 886-2223

About Major Police Supply (

Major Police Supply has specialized in the business of emergency vehicle equipment for over 23 years. Incorporated in 1989, Major Police Supply is currently one of the largest suppliers and installers in the nation. Major started as a consulting business for custom car dealers over two decades ago and the business has continued to grow and expand since that time. Within the first year, Major became a distributor for Federal Signal, the industry leader in advanced vehicle lighting and audible signaling devices. Several other manufacturers of law enforcement products and solutions were soon to follow. Major currently stocks and distributes product for almost every major manufacturer of emergency vehicle equipment in the industry.

Two years after opening their doors, the installation division of Major was fully operational. Major now manages the installations for the largest law enforcement fleets in the world. In 2001, Major moved their headquarters to Kenvil, NJ, and opened a brand new 18,000 square foot facility. The NJ site has 24hr surveillance and secure on-site parking for over 300 vehicles with gated and restricted access. In 2002, Major partnered with one of their affiliates, Spectrum Communications and opened up a fully licensed and authorized radio division to specialize in Kenwood and Motorola products and services.

Today, Major is recognized as a leader in the field of emergency vehicle equipment installation and fleet maintenance. The company has grown from a small two man operation into one of the largest total solution up-fitters in the nation. Major employs sales specialists in 12 states and provides service to departments and agencies across the country. The company currently holds multiple state contracts and 2 GSA schedules that allow Major to provide the most competitive pricing market-wide. Despite the rapid growth and expansion of its customer base, Major has retained a small business “hands-on” customer relationship-oriented approach while offering the finest quality products and service. Major Police Supply is a total solution provider built on 23 years of experience and a belief in always putting the customer first.


MILSPRAY™ provides products, systems and services to the Department of Defense, government agencies, law enforcement and commercial customers globally. In addition to the latest Ballistic Resistant System™ (BRS™) options for law enforcement, core competencies include: (1) Mobile Corrosion Prevention and Control Services for Vehicles and Equipment, (2) Deployable Renewable Energy Systems, (3) Vehicle Wash Systems, (4) Weapons Repair, (5) Touch-up Paints and Specialty Coatings and 6) Applied Research and Development. Our core products are designed to extend the useful life of military vehicles, aircraft, ships, weapons and equipment. We offer an innovative line of renewable energy systems for the military, disaster relief and commercial applications. Our latest innovations include the eXV-1™ Ultra-light, Electric-Hybrid, Stealth Utility Vehicle which is ideal for border patrol and special operating forces.

MILSPRAY™ embraces the diversity of talent and perspective of our employees. We have created an atmosphere of inclusion where everyone has a voice and is empowered to perform at their greatest level regardless of our differences. Our total workforce is comprised of 36% minorities, 14% women and 32% veterans. Our executive management team is comprised of 40% women with 40% of our management team being service disabled veterans. By leveraging our unique talents, experiences and points of view, we can successfully deliver innovative solutions and value to our customers.

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