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Transformation Thursday – Look at this HUMVEE®

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Winning With Women Wednesday: 5 Videos to Inspire You to #BeTheHero of Your Story


It’s Winning With Women Wednesday and this week we found an incredible website which helps inspire, motivate, and empower women through the power of storytelling. But first in order to #BeTheHero of your story we must understand what a story is. A story can have many definitions, today we will use it in the context of being a narration of the events in the life of a person or the existence of a thing, or such events as a subject for narration. The website we stumbled upon is called MAKERS and it is the largest collection of women’s stories ever assembled.


Launched in 2012 by AOL, MAKERS is a women’s leadership platform that encompasses broadcast documentaries, web and mobile-first video content, and live events. features over 3,000 videos and the stories of more than 300 women. Today, you will have the ability to listen to the stories of five women who participated in a five-part video series presented by Verizon. 

  1. Regina Wilson – FDNY Firefighter and First Female President of the 75-Year-Old Vulcan SocietyWatch Now
  2. Kimberly Bryant – Founder of Black Girls Code – Watch Now
  3. Lorella Praeli – Director For Latino Outreach – Hillary For America – Watch Now
  4. Kanya Balakrishna – Co-Founder & President of The Future ProjectWatch Now
  5. Sana Amanat – Director of Content & Character Development, Marvel ComicsWatch Now

After listening, it is your turn to ask yourself if you will #BeTheHero of your story?

Who will you tell your story to and how will you tell it? 

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MILSPRAY’s VP Sales, New Business Sirena Moore-Thomas to Serve as a Panelist at SPARK Conference in Philadelphia, PA

Sirena Moore-Thomas

Sirena Moore-Thomas is MILSPRAY’s VP Sales, New Business and brings her entrepreneurial fervor as the former co-founder and CEO of a multi-million dollar contract cleaning company with customers that included the federal government and Comcast to name a few. Prior to joining MILSPRAY™, she served as the Chief Operating Officer of Eagle Enterprises, a distributor of Boeing Aircraft Parts headquartered in Hampton, VA. In this role she was responsible for the day to day operations and revenue generating activity. Additionally, she was instrumental in delivering double digit growth and establishing a northeast presence in Pennsylvania for the company.

Moore-Thomas has appeared in numerous publications and received several awards for her leadership, public speaking and philanthropy. Sirena’s accomplishments coupled with her infectious energy and ambition quickly caught the eye of National media including New York Times, Black Enterprise Magazine, Essence Magazine, NBC Nightly News, Upscale Magazine, Black Entertainment Television and many others.

Sirena will serve as a panelist today at The Enterprise Center’s SPARK Conference – Inspiring New Leaders To Drive Economic Opportunity at the Pennsylvania Convention Center in Philadelphia, PA from 9:00am-3:00pm EST.

Sirena’s session is called: “What does it really take to start and grow sustainable businesses”?

Sirena Moore-Thomas
VP Sales, New Business
Cell Phone: (732) 552-3553
Office Phone: (732) 886-2223

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Feature Friday – Photo Recap 2015 Association of the United States Army (AUSA) Annual Meeting & Exposition in Washington, DC

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Tidbit Thursday: Spot Shot™ Touch-Up Pen Do-It-Yourself (DIY) Damaged Surface Repair

Today, we will be restoring a scratched surface of an office filing cabinet to a brand-new state. To do this, we will be using MILSPRAY’s Spot Shot™ Touch-Up Pen which is perfect for any of your touch-up needs.

Step 1 – Find an item with a scratched or damaged surface. (In this case it was a black office filing cabinet.)

Surface Repair 1 Surface Repair 2

Step 2 – What do you need? MILSPRAY’s Spot Shot™ Touch-Up Pen.

Touch-Up Pen

Step 3 –  Shake the MILSPRAY™ Spot Shot™ Touch-Up Pen very well; this is an important step as it ensures even flow and proper mixing of the paint.

Step 4 – Remove the cap and press the tip of the pen onto the surface you are looking to touch-up. The paint will begin to flow. Once the tip is fully saturated, test to ensure the flow is uniform on a test object like a piece of paper.

Pen 2

Step 5 – Once the flow of the pen is even and consistent you are ready to apply the product onto your surface. MILSPRAY’s Spot Shot™ Touch-Up Pen is simple to use! It feels just as natural as using a Sharpie® Marker.

Touch up pen 2

Step 6 – Repeat over scratched up surfaces as needed. Allow to dry and Ta-Dah! 

Touch up pen 1

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