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Winning With Women – Share Your Story?


Winning With Women (1)

Today, is Winning With Women Wednesday and we wanted to share with you all the inspiring women who have participated in our blog series over the past year. These women are not only dedicated professionals, but are also passionate about seeing all women succeed. This group of women came from an array of industries and have graciously shared their stories and advice with us in order to inspire others to take action in their own personal success stories and pay it forward. 

History of Winning With Women Wednesday

Winning With Women Wednesday was an idea that had been brought to life after MILSPRAY Military Technologies™ employees had celebrated International Women’s Day on March 8, 2015. The concept behind the day was to create qualitative blog posts comprised of tips, interviews, and videos that would inspire, motivate, and serve to mentor women both young and old, to push themselves further than they ever imagined.

These posts have and continue to help establish confidence, respect, and independence for women who are looking to develop their professional skill set and all the while feeling a sense of community when endeavoring to achieve their own personal success.

These posts were first written from women within the MILSPRAY Military Technologies™ organization, however over time the blog has grown both locally and nationally to be inclusive of women who serve in an array of industries and currently hold various leadership positions within their organizations.


If you would like to nominate someone to share their story for our Winning With Women Wednesday blog series click here.

To join the conversation use the hashtag #WinningWithWomen. Be sure to follow us on Twitter: @MILSPRAY

2 thoughts on “Winning With Women – Share Your Story?

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    It was awesome to share our story in the company of all of these other fabulous women!


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