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MILSPRAY™ Restructures to Position for Growth and Expansion

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July 11, 2016
Strategic Restructuring Positions MILSPRAY™ for Exponential Growth
MILSPRAY Military Technologies™, Lakewood, NJ (

Today, we are announcing a restructuring within the company that will enable us to expand our global footprint, increase our operational efficiency and innovate with greater speed.

In order to succeed in every aspect of our business, we must do an extraordinary job for our customers and our employees. We have delivered great products, systems and services to the US military with great success. Building upon that success, we are repurposing those same technologies and services for the commercial, industrial and automotive markets. This expansion not only means offering existing technologies but also developing new products which means better execution from product conceptualization and innovation right through to marketing and sales. It also means operational excellence in manufacturing and throughout our supply chain that are essential to our success.

The restructuring of Business Development and Sales will enable us to advance our strategy and execute more quickly, more efficiently, and with greater excellence as we continuously transform how we organize, how we plan and how we execute.

Strategic Initiatives & Sales Organization
Peder Cox will assume the role of Vice President of Strategic Initiatives and Sales. Cox has extensive experience in project management, logistics and program leadership. In this new role, Cox will champion revenue generation for MILSPRAY’s Scorpion Energy Hunter™, Paints and Coatings, and Vehicle Wash Systems across multiple markets and industries globally. In addition, he will lead the expansion of our Corrosion Prevention and Control Services (CPAC) throughout the United States with the establishment of franchise-type operations in strategic locations to service industrial and automotive customers. Cox’s team will consist of Courtney McBride, Logistics & Contracting Manager; Chad Vroman, Director of Sales; Mike Marano, Sales Associate; Dale Dare, Sales Associate for Europe, and the Senior Sales Consultants. McBride will lead the order fulfillment of Paints and Coatings products, logistics and supply chain management. She will continue to look for innovative ways to reduce costs and challenge our vendors and other partners to ensure we provide maximum value to our customers in a cost efficient manner.

Vroman will focus on Paints and Coatings, the 1033 Program, system sales and online retail sales to include Home Depot®. Marano will focus on the 1033 Program, Tough Coat™ for homes and vehicles, Tectyl® Undercarriage Coatings for automotive applications and assist with CPAC Program expansion.

With an integrated team, Cox will continue to engage stakeholders and customers across military and commercial markets to include partnering with customers on multiple levels not only domestically but also internationally.

“Approaching and expanding into new international markets as a global company is key to our future,” said Brian Feser, who took the reins of MILSPRAY™ as President and CEO in May 2014. “Our goal is to expand even further as we have technology platforms to provide an array of integrated solutions for the military and commercial customer.” “With Peder in this role, he will elevate our level of engagement and success with this initiative”.

Notably, Feser and Cox attended the International Armoured Vehicles Show in London, England, in January 2016 to showcase MILSPRAY’s technology and meet with a multitude of customers from foreign militaries as well as industry experts. On this international stage, MILSPRAY™ highlighted the eXV-1™, Stealth Utility Vehicle, the Scorpion Energy Hunter™ Renewable Energy System and the Vehicle Wash System.

Business Development
Both Kanti Pandya and Brian Scarpulla will be appointed to Director of Business Development, and continue capturing opportunities for our products, systems and services. Ken Fahrenfeld, Proposal Manager, and Tom “TJ” Eller will both report to Pandya. Scarpulla’s team will consist of Sheron Schley, Business Development Specialist; Joe Mimoso, Proposal Manager and Scott Pagenkopf, US Air Force Sales Consultants.

National Sales for Commercial and Non-Military Markets
Cassandra Davis will assume the role as Area Sales Manager reporting to Brian Feser. Davis will be responsible for our new line of retail paint products, PAINTABLES™, services, systems and pass-through opportunities. She is in the process of building her team with the addition of Brian Mitchell and Munazza Muhammad as the newest team members. Davis will be based in our Sales Office in Trevose, PA.

“It’s not just having a better performing solution than our competitors, which is vitally important, but true competitive advantage comes when we deliver those superior solutions at a lower cost,” said Feser.

With the addition of Ahmad Zahedi as Senior Director of Engineering and Product Development, we have positioned our engineering talent of Mechanical and Electrical Engineers to focus on developing a family of
renewable energy solutions and options. Our engineering team will execute a set of high-value activities to accomplish this goal from sourcing to manufacturing capabilities. This will enable us to provide new technologies
by being most efficient in product development and manufacturing to deliver efficient and effective technologies to our customers.

To improve engineering pace and quality, we will increase our focus on our engineering systems, processes, and tools to improve the productivity of every engineer and to facilitate engineering collaboration and cross-departmental contribution across the company. Our engineering team will champion new product development for a family of solutions while building upon and enhancing our existing platforms that already deliver superior

Culturally, our core values will not change, but how we express them and act day to day must evolve so we work together to win. Each discipline within the company to include Engineering, Strategic Initiatives, Sales, Marketing,
Business Development, Operations, Research and Development, Finance and Human Resources will help drive our overall strategy.

“With geographic growth and diversification of our technology portfolio, it is important that we have a corporate structure in place that supports the future direction of the company”, Feser added. “As we move forward, we
remain confident in our strategy, competitiveness and ability to create value for our customers.”

Chantel Robinson, VP, Administrative Operations,, (732) 886-2223

Headquartered in Lakewood, NJ, MILSPRAY™ specializes in (1) Mobile Corrosion Prevention and Control Services for Vehicles and Equipment, (2) Deployable Renewable Energy Systems, (3) Vehicle Wash Systems, (4) Weapons Repair (5) Touch-up Paints and Specialty Coatings and 6) Applied Research and Development.

We provide our products, systems and services to commercial businesses, the Department of Defense (DOD), government agencies and law enforcement, domestically and internationally. These services and technologies are designed to extend the useful life of military vehicles, aircraft, ships, weapons and equipment. In addition, MILSPRAY™ is a developer and manufacturer of renewable energy systems for the military, disaster relief and commercial use.

MILSPRAY™ embraces the diversity of talent and perspective of our employees. We have created an atmosphere of inclusion where everyone has a voice and is empowered to perform at their greatest level regardless of our differences. Our total workforce is comprised of 56% minorities, 19% women and 19% veterans. Our executive management team is comprised of 50% women with 50% of our management team being service disabled veterans. By leveraging our unique talents, experiences and points of view, we can successfully deliver innovative solutions and value to our customers.


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