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Today! Members Of MILSPRAY’s Senior Leadership Team Interview With Kathy Ireland, In Los Angeles, California

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Behind The Scenes Footage of Worldwide Business Productions at MILSPRAY’s Headquarters


Today, MILSPRAY’s VP of Administrative Operations, Chantel Robinson and VP of Strategic Initiatives and Sales, Peder Cox will be interviewed by Kathy Ireland at Worldwide Business Productions’ state-of-the-art studio located in Los Angeles, California.

MILSPRAY™ has partnered with Worldwide Business Productions ( to be part of a 30 minute sponsored television interview with Kathy Ireland. The interview will include topical discussion, field footage and visuals packaged into an impactful video piece designed to educate MILSPRAY’s target market about its technologies.

An interview with Worldwide Business with Kathy Ireland has the potential to reach over 275 million households across the world. The US television exposure is 80 million households through the Fox Business Network. The international television exposure is 198 million households through Bloomberg International Television to include Europe, Asia and Latin America.


Scorpion Energy Hunter™

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