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Feature Friday: MILSPRAY™ Receives Registered Trademarks For Core Products

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MILSPRAY™ is proud to announce that the Scorpion Energy Hunter® and Spot Shot® names are officially registered trademarks.


Scorpion Energy Hunter®

The Scorpion Energy Hunter® is a patented, deployable renewable energy system that provides 15kW (120/208VAC, 3-phase) up to 200kW of continuous power. With an expeditionary format, its power management capabilities, battery storage and solar harvesting panels are housed within two (2) quadcons. It has the flexibility to fit into many different power and energy roles per the desired application, achieving results such as reducing generator run time, fuel consumption, generator maintenance cost and noise levels. The system sets up in 90 minutes with two (2) trained personnel.  Additionally, MILSPRAY™ has developed a unique auto-start feature, and with the integration of the Scorpion Energy Hunter® with existing military generators, this capability allows them to run only when needed, which results in lower fuel and maintenance costs. This also allows for silent watch capability.

The Scorpion Energy Hunter® was designed to accomplish three primary objectives:

1) Save lives by reducing the number of fuel convoys traveling supply routes in war zones
2) Reduces the demand for fossil fuels by reducing fuel consumption, fuel transport costs and maintenance costs
3) Provides meaningful, reliable power to the warfighter


Spot Shot®     

Spot Shot® is a patented technology (US Patent 8,875,479) with a 2-Stage Agitation System that is designed to quickly and thoroughly redistribute all pigmentation for unmatched touch-up performance. Unlike other self contained spray applicators on the market today, the Spot Shot® is not an aerosol spray paint. In fact, it generates spray pressure using a manual spray pump that relies on fluid pressure to create a mist of paint whereas aerosols rely on chemicals to generate spray pressure. Most aerosol spray paints contain only 10 – 20% paint and the rest is propellant, solvent and gasses. The Spot Shot® contains only U.S. military certified paints and no propellants to give a total solids transfer efficiency of 95%. It is ideal for all touch-up applications to include spot touch-up and stenciling while minimizing the impact to the environment. Some applications include HMMWVs, reconnaissance vehicles, helicopters and fighter jets.


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