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Feature Friday: MILSPRAY® Receives Registered Trademarks For Company Name And Company Logo

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MILSPRAY® is pleased to announce the company name MILSPRAY®, MILSPRAY Military Technologies®, and the Company Logo are now officially registered trademarks.

MILSPRAY® provides products, systems and services to the Department of Defense (DOD), government agencies and commercial customers that extend the useful life of military vehicles, aircraft, ships, weapons and equipment. In addition, MILSPRAY® is a manufacturer of renewable energy systems for the military, disaster relief and commercial use.

-Mobile Corrosion Prevention and Control Services for Vehicles and Equipment
-Deployable Renewable Energy Systems
-Vehicle Wash Systems
-Touch-Up Paints and Specialty Coatings
-Applied Research and Development
-Ballistic Resistant System
-The eXV-1 Electric Drive, Light Utility Vehicle


MILSPRAY Military Technologies® Corporate Headquarters Lakewood, NJ 08701

We offer a proven record of performance with highly trained and skilled corrosion repair personnel, on-site small arms weapons repair teams, deployable vehicle and equipment wash systems, expeditionary renewable and hybrid energy systems, Chemical Agent Resistant Coating (CARC) systems, specialty coatings, touch-up paint systems and a comprehensive military coatings laboratory for applied Research and Development.

MILSPRAY® embraces the diversity of talent and perspective of our employees. We have created an atmosphere of inclusion where everyone has a voice and is empowered to perform at their greatest level regardless of our differences. Our total workforce is comprised of 56% minorities, 19% women and 19% veterans. Our executive management team is comprised of 50% women with 50% of our executive management team being service disabled veterans. By leveraging our unique talents, experiences and points of view, we can successfully deliver innovative solutions and value to our customers.


To learn more about MILSPRAY™, visit

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