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Feature Friday: PAINTABLES™ Video

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This Feature Friday, we have a video displaying our new product line, PAINTABLES™. Have you ever wanted to paint with ease, but you were always afraid of the typical messy and costly process involved with painting? If so, PAINTABLES™ is the perfect product for you! PAINTABLES™ makes your Arts & Crafts projects easy!

PAINTABLES™ is the only product of its kind. PAINTABLES™ is a line of Paint Applicator Kits and Pens that fit all the popular craft paint bottles in the marketplace. The crafter now has complete artistic freedom to choose the paint products they desire while harmonizing and adopting the PAINTABLES™ kit of applicator heads.

Purchase a PAINTABLES™ Kit or Pen Today by visiting our website here!

Click here for a unique Do-It-Yourself tutorial using our PAINTABLES™ products.

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