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Feature Friday: PAINTABLES™ To Be Featured At The Holiday Bazaar Arts & Crafts Show In Toms River, NJ

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Saturday, November 19th, we will have our new innovative PAINTABLES™ product line on display at the Holiday Bazaar Arts & Crafts Show. The show will take place at the Toms River East High School, located in Toms River, NJ, and is sponsored by the Toms River East High School Chorus. Meet us there!


PAINTABLES ™ is a line of unique Paint Applicator Kits and Appliance Pens. We offer two Paint Applicators in a Brush Kit and a Roller Kit. Both the Brush and the Roller Applicators screw onto the top of most 2-ounce craft paint brands. These unique applicators have been engineered to prevent both clogs and leakages. This exclusive benefit allows our consumers a clean painting environment, while also offering an easy to use method for any age. Just attach the applicator, squeeze the bottle and start having fun.

The PAINTABLES™ Universal Deluxe Kit combines the best of both worlds with a Brush and a Roller Applicator as well as the Universal Adapter for versatility and the Utility Hose Adapter for cleaning. Another great benefit of the PAINTABLES™ Kits is the hassle- free clean-up process when you are done crafting. The Utility Hose Adapter allows consumers to wash out the applicators in a timely fashion or the applicators can be washed out in a household sink with soap and water depending on the type of paint used.


Perfect for Thanksgiving, check out a fun Do-It-Yourself project featuring our PAINTABLES™ products.

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To learn more about our new innovative product line PAINTABLES™ please click here or email

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