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Feature Friday: Tonight, MILSPRAY® To Be Featured On Television Show “Voices In America”

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Actor, James Earl Jones

TONIGHT, Friday 25th, MILSPRAY® will be featured on television show “Voices In America”. The national airing of our segment will take place on Fox Business Network at 8:29 eastern and again at 10:55pm eastern. Be sure to tune in!

“Voices In America” boasts award winning producers, writers, videographers, and editors with over one hundred years of cumulative production experience.  By capturing the true essence of each short form documentary, the program is able to effectively educate and communicate the most crucial stories to a wide audience- both through Public Television distribution.  “Voices In America” is hosted by an industry veteran.

Utilizing an efficient and wholly effective production cycle that clearly delineates the role of every team member, “Voices In America” is able to deliver cutting edge HD programming with clarity and vision. The series maintains a consistent and unilateral quality assurance production process to guarantee that each documentary meets and exceeds network expectations.  This foundation further ensures the highest quality content for broadcast.

With strategic partnerships across various media distribution outlets, “Voices In America” continues to produce incredible stories featuring a wide variety of topics and personalities that serves to educate and entertain the viewing audience on the latest topics and trends impacting America.


For more information on the televsion show “Voices In America” click here 

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