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Tough Coat™ Tuesday : Is Your Truck’s Bed Protected?


A few weeks ago we highlighted the importance of protecting the bed of ones truck the right way. See recap below if you missed out on this information…

Why Protect Your Truck's Bed?

A quick guide on protecting your truck’s bed the right way

Damaged Truck Bed

Damaged Truck Bed

Did you just buy a new truck and you’re considering various options available to see if you should protect your shiny new bed or not? or do you have an aged truck that wasn’t protected the right way and you want your bed to look new again? Regardless of what your situation may be, read below to find out why it is important to protect your trucks bed as soon as possible.

The bed of a truck is one part that frequently gets abused and put to test. This is why they are built to haul just about anything you throw at it. If your vehicle bed isn’t protected, your beds’ paint would get damaged and it could even get dented from regular use. Lack of protection on your vehicles’ bed would lead to corrosion which would greatly shorten the life of your truck and cost you a huge amount of money to repair.

How should you protect your truck’s bed?

Truck bedliners shield the inner-side of a truck bed from damage and they also create a skid resistant surface that allows any cargo to stay in place. There are a few options available on the market that one can use to protect their vehicle bed, but of course, not every method provides absolute protection.

Drop-in bedliner:

Drop-in bedliner

A Drop-in bedliner

A drop-in bedliner is typically just a removable hard plastic that sets on top of your truck bed. People who use this method tend to think their truck bed looks good and is adequately protected from the elements. However, a drop-in bedliner is not locked down to prevent debris from getting under it and it also damages the paint underneath it when it moves and shifts, which leads to rust.

You may think it isn’t a big deal if the factory paint gets scratched up since the drop-in bedliner goes over it anyways, but a drop-in bedliner severely scratches your bed which goes against the very reason you bought it… “truck bed protection”. Also, the scratches and rust will only get worse with regular use.

Spray-on bedliner (The best way):

After Tough Coat on GMC Sierra Bed Liner

Tough Coat™ protecting GMC Sierra Bed

This is the best option for protecting the bed of a truck because they adhere to the bed and create a protective layer that bonds with the paint and metal. This is a typically permanent solution that offers a great deal of protection. If you’re going to get any protection on your truck’s bed make sure it is a spray-on bedliner as opposed to a roll-on. A roll-on bedliner is an easy DIY method but it doesn’t offer the same grade of protection and often looks low quality compared to a spray-on bedliner.

There are a few companies that offer spray-on bedliner services but only one that offers military grade protection and is the official bedliner of the United States Marine Corps. This is the Tough Coat™ Bedliner by MILSPRAY Military Technologies®.

Tough Coat™ is a lightweight integrated coating system that provides the ultimate in leak-proof military grade technology and enhanced corrosion protection. The Tough Coat™ bedliner is water repellent, mold & insect resistant and it dries immediately it is applied, allowing you drive off with your protected vehicle the same day. You have the option for a textured or smooth finish and even the ability to choose custom colors.

See slide show below for some Tough Coat™ applications:

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