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Deployable Paint System

Deployable Paint Systems

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For over a decade, our Deployable Paint Systems have been utilized globally  in support of U.S. Military operations. Since their inception, over 10,000 military vehicles and pieces of equipment have been restored, reset, or refurbished within these robust, easily erected, tension fabric facilities.

Deployable Paint System

Common Uses include:

  • Camouflage conversion requirements (woodland to desert tan or vice versa)

  • Corrosion repair operations

  • Vehicle and equipment painting operations

  • Paint drying areas

  • Paint prep booths

  • Wash bays

Advantages include:

  • No studies, building permits, or long construction periods required

  • Rapid set up and start up (weeks)

  • OSHA compliant air filtration and ventilation system

  • Temporary or Semi-Permanent versions available

  • Very economical and a fraction of the cost of a brick and mortar facility

  • Time tested: systems in use over a decade

  • Government Owned and Operated or Contractor Owned and Operated options

  • Installation and Start Up services available globally

  • Optional fire suppression & lighting

  • Suitable for use even in harsh climates

The system is designed and engineered to support all stages of a military painting operations.

For more information on our Deployable Paint Systems click here


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