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NJ League of Municipalities

102nd Annual League of Municipalities Conference | New Jersey

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NJ League of Municipalities

The 102nd Annual League of Municipalities Conference will be taking place at the Atlantic City Convention Center, in Atlantic City, NJ from today November 14th through Thursday November 16th. MILSPRAY® will have their Corrosion Prevention, Control & Repair services on display for Municipal vehicles & equipment, and vehicles within the 1033 Program.


The New Jersey State League of Municipalities is a voluntary association created to help communities do a better job of self-government through pooling information resources and brainpower. The League is authorized by state Statute and is in its 102nd
year of serving local officials throughout the State. All New Jersey municipalities are members of the League. The 565 mayors and 13,000 elected and appointed officials of member municipalities are entitled to all of the services and privileges of the League.

The 102nd Annual New Jersey League of Municipalities Conference is an invaluable learning experience which yields benefits throughout the year. Attendees have the opportunity to learn at 125 sessions conducted by the League and the 21 affiliate associations. Commercial government and associations display the latest products and services in the 1,000 booth exhibit hall.

Click here for more information on our Heavy Equipment Corrosion Prevention & Repair Services

Click here for more information on our 1033 Program Services


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