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Howell Police 5 Ton Vehicle

Howell Police Department 5 Ton Truck | Decals

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In April of 2017, MILSPRAY® had the opportunity to repaint and restore a 5 Ton Truck for Howell Police Department. Recently, MILSPRAY® added additional enhancements by placing decals onto the vehicle. For your viewing pleasure, we have multiple images below of the service.

MILSPRAY® has provided Corrosion Prevention, Control and Repair (CPAC/R) services to the U.S. Military since 2001. We offer a diverse suite of services that address any surface treatment and protection challenge for both military and commercial applications.

We have serviced many assets from local municipalities and police departments to include vehicles from the 1033 Program where excess equipment from the U.S. Department of Defense have been transferred to state and local law enforcement agencies.

Corrosion Prevention, Control and Repair Services Brochure

1033 Program Brochure

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