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HUMVEE Washington Township

HUMVEE Vehicle | Washington Township Police Department

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It’s #TransformationThursday! Check out these photos of the restoration of a HUMVEE Vehicle for Washington Township Police Department.



Did you know we’ve painted more military vehicles & equipment than anyone else on the planet. It’s what we do. From Germany to Guam, New Jersey to California…we’ve painted MRAPS, HUMVEES, Tanks, and everything in between. Over 11,000 in total!

Our enhanced Corrosion Preventive Compounds (CPCs) ensure the elimination of all corrosion within bolts, joints, screws and crevices, to extend the life of the vehicle’s appearance.

We have serviced many assets from local municipalities and police departments to include vehicles from the 1033 Program where excess equipment from the U.S. Department of Defense have been transferred to state and local law enforcement agencies.

Click Here to learn more on our 1033 Program Services for Municipalities.

Call (856) 296-0334 or email today for more information!

See you next #TransformationThursday!


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