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Corrosion Prevention Compound (CPC) Demonstration

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MILSPRAY® would like to cordially invite you to attend our Corrosion Prevention Compound (CPC) demonstration for municipalities, school districts, and other companies with a fleet of vehicles. In a collaborative effort, the demonstration will be performed by Carwell Corrosion Control, out of Cheektowaga, NY on July 17, 2019. Click here to RSVP your spot today!

Location: 845 Towbin Avenue, Lakewood, NJ 08701
Contact: Bill Morganti | 732-886-2223

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FLEET Vehicle Maintenance

Corrosion Prevention Compound (CPC)

Untreated Corrosion Prevention Compound CPCs


Treated Corrosion Prevention Compound CPCs



Our Corrosion Prevention Compound (CPC) product and service is not an undercoating, it is a body maintenance program. Unlike an undercoating, CPCs provides protection to your whole vehicle and it cannot be chipped or cracked. The ultra thin film creeps and crawls into seams, cracks and crevices where corrosion begins and provides an active barrier between the metal and the causes of corrosion. The product is an active product that is used before the metal is corroded. Reapplication every 12 months guarantees protection to your vehicle.

Benefits & Features

  • Reduction of replacement parts, brake cables, oil and transmission pans/bolts, and battery compartments.
  • Reduces electrical wiring breakdowns caused by corrosion, or the greening of wires.
  • Reduces wear on windows, lock assemblies, door pins, hood and trunk hinges.
  • Can be applied on new, used or even rusty vehicles.
  • Qualifies for State Funding.
  • On-site mobile service. We come to you with trained service technicians.
  • Environmentally Friendly, Non-Flammable and cleared by the Surgeon General.


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