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Rustproofing In Guam

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Our T-32 rust inhibitor can be applied on new or used vehicles and equipment (our product penetrates through flash rust down to the base metal).

Typically we service vehicles and equipment outside, and you can expect them to drip for a day or two after application.  It is also recommended that the application be repeated annually.

Corrosion Prevention Compound (CPC)

MILSPRAY’s T-32 rust inhibitor product has been proven beneficial in controlling corrosion in vehicle seams, joints and internal cavities at dissimilar metal contact points. Our product also reduces corrosion of wiring & connections, and acts as a lubricant to ensure hinges, brackets and other mechanisms work smoothly.  We are confident that the use of our product will achieve cost savings through decreased corrosion related maintenance and repairs thereby enabling you to keep your vehicles in peak working condition longer.

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