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Tectyl Undercarriage Coatings & Tough Coat Bed Liner: Chevy Silverado

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Protecting your vehicle’s undercarriage with Tectyl® significantly improves the life of your vehicle and could prevent extremely expensive out of pocket maintenance and repair costs.

The following are benefits of Tectyl® Undercarriage Coatings:

  • Protection against sand, salt, moisture, flying rocks and debris.
  • Engineered for short or long-term protection as well as indoor or outdoor exposure.
  • Features an excellent chip resistance rating on the Gravelometer scale.
  • 100% HAPS-free (Hazardous Air Pollutants).
  • Watertight seal that resists corrosion and rust.

For more information on Tectyl® Undercarriage Coatings click here


Tough Coat™ is a lightweight, nearly indestructible, military-grade, integrated polyurea coating system that provides the ultimate in water repellent technology and enhanced corrosion protection. Although typically applied in black, Tough Coat™ can be special ordered in almost any color. More than “just a bed-liner,” Tough Coat™ can also be applied to high wear areas, bumpers, rail guards and plow blades, providing enhanced protection in these areas as well. Tough Coat™ is the only bed-liner approved for use on United States Marine Corps vehicles & assets.

For more information on Tough Coat™ click here

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