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MILSPRAY To Attend The 2021 Snow And Ice Symposium Road Show In Philadelphia

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MILSPRAY® will be attending the 2021 Snow & Ice Symposium Road Show in Philadelphia. The event will be taking place August 31-September 2 at the Normandy Farm Hotel & Conference Center. MILSPRAY® will be there to discuss their T-32 Rustproofing Product and Service and other rust prevention options for commercial vehicles & equipment.

Utilizing our self-contained service truck, MILSPRAY® offers an on-site corrosion control service where we apply our T-32 petroleum-based rust inhibitor to your fleet annually.

MILSPRAY’s rust inhibitor product is approved for use by the DOT in NJ and NYS and tested and approved for use by the U.S. Army, U.S. Air Force, and U.S. Marine Corps. T-32 has been proven beneficial in controlling corrosion in vehicle seams, joints, internal cavities, and at dissimilar metal contact points as well as the vehicles undercarriage. T-32 also reduces corrosion of wiring and connections, and acts as a lubricant to ensure hinges, brackets, and other mechanisms work smoothly. Whether your vehicles are brand new or has 300,000 miles driven, we are confident that the use of our product annually will achieve cost savings through decreased corrosion related maintenance and repairs, thereby enabling you to keep your vehicles in peak working condition longer.

Corrosion Prevention Compound (CPC)

The Automotive Protection Agency (APA) advises that most modern vehicles will experience mechanical and body deterioration from corrosion after six years, which will lead to expensive maintenance costs. With our on-site, annual application of T-32 Rustproofing, you will save thousands in future repairs and extend the operating life of your vehicles. Click here to schedule a servicing appointment for your fleet today!
To schedule a FREE on-site demonstration, please contact Chris Mangold at or call (732) 604-1980.


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