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Spotlight Sunday: Introducing MILSPRAY’s VP of Integrated Logistics Support, Jon Kalfus

Jon Kalfus HS

Jon Kalfus is MILSPRAY’s Vice President of Integrated Logistics Support. Jon comes from a highly diverse engineering background that includes over 30 years of product ideation and development, project management and team leadership. He previously served as a Director of Product Development at Waltron LLC.

He holds a Bachelor of Science degree in Electrical Engineering from the City College of the City University of New York and a Bachelor of Science degree in Accounting from New York University.

Jon is a voting member of the International Electrotechnical Commission (IEC) Technical Committee 82 (TC82), and is currently leading the writing of IEC safety standard 62109-3.  The IEC is a leading organization for the promulgation of product safety standards and Jon is one of only a handful of U.S. delegates on TC82.

Jon is also a member of the Underwriters Laboratories (UL) Standards Technical Panel (STP) 1741, which covers solar energy power generation equipment.


Jon Kalfus
VP, Integrated Logistics Support
Office Phone: 732-886-2223
Cell Phone: (732) 552-3554

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Spotlight Sunday: Wreaths Across America


Today, Wreaths Across America was celebrated across the nation.

Even our Senior Sales Consultant, Patrick Murphy was honored to participate in the noble cause.


Did you know here at MILSPRAY 33% of our total workforce is comprised of veterans?

Be sure to join the conversation on Twitter by following us: @MILSPRAY

Did you participate in Wreaths Across America? Don’t forget to add the hashtag #WreathsAcrossAmerica to your tweets to share your photos from today.

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Spotlight Sunday: 13 Must Know Facts About Our Scorpion Energy Hunter™


On this Spotlight Sunday we wanted to give you 13 “Must Know” facts about our Scorpion Energy Hunter™.

  1. Made in the USA! 
  2. Reduces JP-8 fuel consumption by 80%.
  3. Can use multiple energy sources: solar, wind, hydroelectric, diesel, or JP-8.
  4. Rapidly deployable the entire system fits into 2 quadcons.
  5. Large, scalable solar harvesting capacity.
  6. Fully adjustable to work at any location worldwide.
  7. Has a 90 minute or less setup time.
  8. Utilizes simple tools and quick release pins.
  9. No electrical or utility training required.
  10. Has color coded plug and play design.
  11. Has single intuitive display and operator interface.
  12. Onsite and remote system monitoring capabilities.
  13. Integrated Scorpion Intelligent Power Center™ which monitors system performance and supplies and serves as a backup of power if and when needed.

Showcase Energy Hunter

Want to stay up to date with the most relevant news pertaining to our Scorpion Energy Hunter™ then follow our LinkedIn Scorpion Energy Hunter™ showcase page by clicking here.

There you will find events we will be attending and displaying our Scorpion Energy Hunter™. See you there!

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Starting on Friday August 22, 2014 we here at MILSPRAY nominated four employees to take part in the ALS #ICEBUCKETCHALLENGE.

The nominees were:

Brian Feser- MILSPRAY’s CEO

Liz DeSerio- MILSPRAY’s CFO/Senior Vice President of Operations

Courtney McBride- MILSPRAY’s Logistics and Contracting Manager

Bill Morganti- MILSPRAY’s Lakewood Site Manager

We released the videos during our “Get Iced” weekend extravaganza. We also changed the rules slightly in order to get the entire organization involved. We enacted a pricing scheme in order to determine how many buckets would dumped on the nominees’ heads. Although some refused to dump, we filled quite a number of 2.5 gallon buckets.

To view each video separately visit our MILSPRAY Facebook company page by: clicking here.

To view our recap video by: clicking here.

Today finished counting the internal donations and have raised $416.00 in support of the ALS Association.


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Spotlight Sunday: Proudly Presenting J. Bullivant Urban Survival Gear



Did you know we have a sister brand, named J. Bullivant Urban Survival Gear?

J . Bullivant’s roots are steeped in the United States Military. As a division of MILSPRAY Military Technologies, the company is considered a Subject Matter Expert (SME) in battlefield deployable technologies ranging from renewable power systems, Ballistic protection, chemical and biological agent decontamination, water purification, and weapon systems.

J. Bullivant Urban Survival Gear brings the best of what we do for the military to the consumer. To find out more information regarding our J. Bullivant Urban Survival Gear products be sure to visit us at: