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Winning with Women Wednesdays: 3 Off-Roading Communities to De-Compress Your Stress


Today, is Winning with Women Wednesday and MILSPRAY’s Order Fulfillment Technician, Erin Barrett would like to share with you three off-roading online communities that help her decompress her stress throughout her work week.

One of the ways I unwind from a either a hectic work week or my personal life is to go for trail rides in the woods. I usually go with my husband or a group of our friends. Off-roading is the activity of driving or riding in a vehicle on an un-surfaced road or track that consists of materials like sand, gravel, mud, snow, or other types of terrain. It is a great way to get out, enjoy nature, take pictures, swim in the creeks, and of course get a little dirty from the mud. Also, I love working on my Jeep and my restoration project truck, a 1990 Ford F350.

Here are my top three choices of online communities that are a good start to finding the latest and greatest news about off-roading:

1. Pirate 4X4 – Is a website that provides the latest off-roading industry new and events. It also hosts active forums on: competition information, land usage/trail information, and latest gear.

2. NAXJA – The North American XJ Association (NAXJA) is a Jeep Cherokee Club forum that exists to serve responsible XJ-Jeep owners and enthusiasts who want to participate in events and relevant discussions. They also showcase re-modifications and re-builds.

3. Jeep Girls Finish FirstIs an online community that was developed and continues to bring attention to women in the Jeep World.

Erin Barrett is an Order Fulfillment Technician who is responsible for the filling and shipment of orders for MILSPRAY’s military touch-up paints. She has been with MILSPRAY for 3-1/2 years and is an integral part of the Order Fulfillment team. 

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Tidbit Thursday: MILSPRAY’s eXV-1™ Electric 4 x 4 Utility Vehicle Featured in DefenceIQ

To learn more about the eXV-1™: Click the photo above

To learn more about the eXV-1™ click the photo above.

There’s a new lightweight 4×4 armoured vehicle about to be unveiled to an international audience. It’s unique in offering speciality ballistic protection, enemy detection avoidance capabilities, and perhaps most notably, next generation electric drive technology.

MILSPRAY, a highly specialized DoD supplier with a diversified product range for the through-life protection of armoured vehicles and military forces, will introduce the eXV-1™ to the global market at the International Armoured Vehicle (IAV) conference and exhibition to be held in London between 26 and 29 January 2015.

“The unveiling of the eXV-1™ strengthens our commitment to provide the Warfighter with the most technically innovative and survivable vehicle offering mobility, stealth and protection,” said Brian Feser, MILSPRAY’s CEO & President.

To read the article in it’s entirety please visit: DefenceIQ.

MILSPRAY exv1 Benefits

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