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Transformation Thursday: Ballistic Resistant System (BRS)

Today for Transformation Thursday we have images of our Ballistic Resistant System (BRS) being installed in four (4) Ford® Explorers for a NJ Police Department.

The patent pending MILSPRAY’s Ballistic Resistant System is specifically designed for standard Municipal and State police vehicles. Adding only 32-44 pounds per door*, the Ballistic Resistant System offers Underwriter’s Laboratories (UL) Level-III protection. It is designed for a high level of protection with easy installation at a low cost. The system meets National Institute of Justice (NIJ) as well as UL standards for ballistic resistance and undergoes a series of quality controls and testing in accordance with the standard NIJ test protocol.

MILSPRAY’s Ballistic Resistant System consists of a network of panels that may be installed by almost anyone with general knowledge of hand tools. They are installed within the interior of the vehicle door panels, thus hidden from sight and do not interfere with the inner mechanics or appearance of the door. There are no vehicle modifications required. This type of NIJ/UL ballistic protection is easily attainable even with limited municipal/township level budgets.

* Weight estimation only; actual weight will vary based on make and model of the vehicle.

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Tidbit Thursday: Director of R&D, Matthew Johnston, in attendance at 28th International Symposium on Ballistics



Did you know that the 28th International Symposium on Ballistics began this past Monday, September 22, 2014 and will continue through tomorrow September 26, 2014?

Matthew Johnston, Director of Research and Development, is in attendance alongside authors and presenters from 26 countries.

Here is a photo from Matthew’s view:


Some of Matt’s highlights from his attendance were the following:

  • Modeling of Dual-spin Stabilized Projectiles presented by scientists from China.
  • Modeling Dyneema and Spectra with Finite Elements by Bundling Fibers into Strips presented by scientists from the United States.
  • Combined Particle-Element Method by Ballistic Computations presented by scientists from the United States.
  • Army Research Laboratories presentation on “Composite Architecture on Stress Transmittance in UHMWPE Composite Armor.

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Tech Tuesday: Optically Clear Ballistic Polymer Systems



Can you see what we see? Our R&D Team is seeing clear as day. The above photo is a snapshot of our optically clear ballistic polymers sample. Want more updates regarding MILSPRAY Military Technologies on products, systems, and services? Be sure to stay tuned for more updates and progress by following our company blog by clicking the Follow Us on the bottom right hand side of the screen and adding your email address to our blog mailing list.