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Tough Coat™ Bed Liner To Be Featured At The 35th Annual Englishtown Swap Meet & Auto Show – Englishtown, NJ

MILSPRAY® Team Members will be displaying our Tough Coat™ Bed Liner at the 35th Englishtown Swap Meet & Auto Show that will take place at the Old Bridge Township Raceway Park in Englishtown, NJ.


Tough Coat™ is the official Spray-On Bed liner for the US Marines and now you can have it on your vehicle too.

Applying Tough Coat™ to your vehicle can greatly improve its appearance, however Tough Coat™ goes beyond just aesthetics. Tough Coat™ is a lightweight integrated powder coating system that provides the ultimate in water repellent military grade technology and enhanced corrosion protection.

For more information on Tough Coat™ click here

The Englishtown Swap Meet runs from Friday April 28th through Sunday April 30th with over 3,000 vendor spaces, over 300 car for sale spaces, and unlimited parking for attendees.

To find out more information about the Englishtown Swap Meet: Click Here

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Winning With Women Wednesday: Women Who Love Their Trucks!

MILSPRAY® recognizes the female truck driving community, and as part of our appreciation, we will be offering a 15% discount for Tough Coat™ services to all women with pick-up trucks, eighteen wheelers, jeeps and many other vehicles!



For more information on Tough Coat™ please click here

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MILSPRAY® Team Members To Attend Science & Healthcare Networking Forum At Seton Hall University

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MILSPRAY’s VP of Administrative Operations, Chantel Robinson, and Senior Director of Research & Development, Matthew Johnston will be attending the Science & Healthcare Networking Forum hosted by Seton Hall University, located in South Orange, NJ. The forum will feature Mrs. Robinson, and Mr. Johnston sharing information about their profession, industry, and various job functions within the MILSPRAY® organization with undergraduate students, graduate students, and alumni of Seton Hall University. The event is scheduled for today, November 3rd, from 5:00pm-7:00pm eastern.


Chantel Robinson, VP of Administrative Operations

Chantel Robinson, VP, Administrative Operations

Chantel Robinson has years of leadership experience in marketing, project management and brand development. Since joining the company in 2011, she has increased MILSPRAY’s exposure within the Department of Defense while leading technology demonstrations at the Pentagon, the Army Rapid Equipping Force (REF), the US Marine Corps Expeditionary Forward Operating Base (Ex-FOB) and other high profile military events. Under her leadership, MILSPRAY® secured its first contract with the US Army for corrosion prevention and control services and formed numerous teaming arrangements with strategic partners to pursue multiple IDIQ contracts.

In August 2014, Robinson was promoted to Vice President of Administrative Operations with responsibility for Human Resources, Marketing and Communications for MILSPRAY®. She earned a Bachelor of Science in Chemical Engineering from the Georgia Institute of Technology and a Master of Business Administration and a Master of Science in International Business from Seton Hall University.


Matthew Johnston HS c

Matthew Johnston, Senior Director, Research & Development

Matthew L. Johnston is MILSPRAY’s Senior Director of Research & Development and has over a decade of specialty polymer development for US Military and commercial applications. Mr. Johnston is a Subject Matter Expert in Chemical Agent Resistant Coatings (CARC) and waterborne CARC coatings development.

During his career at MILSPRAY®, he has served as the Principal Investigator (PI) for the development of the Army Research Laboratory (ARL) Contract W911NF-09-02-0001 Multi-functional Stealth Coatings; PI for MILSPRAY’s new Ballistic Resistant System (BRS) for police vehicles; PI for the development of energy-dissipative ballistic mitigation polymer systems; and PI for the development of optically clear energy-deflective ballistic polymer systems. Mr. Johnston has also gained multiple patents for MILSPRAY’s touch-up paint systems as well as patents for developing a new category of touch-up paint application systems.

Mr. Johnston’s previous experience includes serving as the PI for the development of a multi-stage cured Radar Absorbing Material (RAM) for stealth aircrafts; development of direct-to-metal locomotive coatings; formulations of urethane and epoxy coatings; and Scanning Electron Microscopy (SEM) chemical characterization of World Trade Center dust and debris following the 9/11 World Trade Center disaster which is now known as World Trade Center Dust.


For more information about MILSPRAY® please click here

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Military Monday: In the News Headline


Photo: Defense Department

We would like to thank everyone for their sacrifice and service on this Military Monday.

Military Monday: In the News Headline

Army to test load-lightening exosuits – ArmyTimes

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#MilitaryMonday News: The Power of Social Media Unleashed to Help A Stranded Soldier!


Did you ever wonder just who is watching your Facebook posts?

On today’s #MilitaryMonday feature, we turn our focus to a U.S. Air Force staff sergeant, Rowan Coasch who could never have anticipated the generosity of complete strangers from a small Utah city, and how they would help him in a dramatic way.

Back in May, Coash’s 2005 Toyota Corolla had broken down in a desert canyon during a 2,000-mile trip from Washington State to Texas, little did he know that the tow truck that arrived would only be part of his support system.

He soon found out that it would take $3,500 to fix his vehicle and would take six to ten days for it to be fully repaired. This caused Rowan quite a bit of worry, since the Air Force could have considered him absent without leave, if he didn’t return to San Antonio within two days.

What happened next was incredible…to read more visit

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