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Winning With Women Wednesdays – 8 Steps To Create a Winning All-Star Linkedin Profile

LinkedIn All Star Tips

We all know that in today’s society first impressions do carry quite a bit of weight. However, many professionals today still don’t see that their digital first impression may be killing their brand’s virtual presence online.


LinkedIn has more than 225 million users which makes it the world’s largest professional social network. However, with the sheer volume of LinkedIn members standing out from the crowd can be quite difficult. However, there is a way to create an All-Star Linkedin profile, all you need to do is follow these eight easy steps.

8 Steps to an All-Star Linkedin Profile

1. Add a picture.

Camera Lens

But not just any photo will do. This should be a professional head shot, not a backyard BBQ photo that you happened to have stored on your laptop or smartphone. By adding a professional head shot you will let others know that you care about the way others perceive you and they will appreciate that you take your profession seriously.

2. Add a headline.

A headline is meant to grab a readers attention. Make every word count and sometimes less is more. No need to give a biography, instead give titles, areas of expertise, something that a reader will remember you by.

3. Create a background summary.

What's Your Story

When writing your summary be sure to never write it in third person. This often leads visitors to think that you are not running your LinkedIn profile, this could turn off potential leads and/or networking opportunities if others don’t believe you are easy to reach.

4. Demonstrate past performance.


Nothing stands out more, than an impressive history of experience when viewing someone’s LinkedIn profile. Be sure to not include every job you had since high school, unless you are new to the workforce. This is a place where you can really shine by placing internships, positions, and/or roles you held that all pertain to your industry expertise. This portion of your LinkedIn profile should be held with care, as this is what can easily position you to be one of the best in your business if completed wisely.

5. Sometimes keywords DO matter.

Think outside the box

LinkedIn allows you to select words that pertain to your current role, or previous experience. The best way to select keywords for yourself is to pretend you are someone else who is looking for someone who offers your services, and/or someone who holds your current role. What words would they type to find you? This is a great place to start.

6. Word of Mouth recommendations exist EVEN online.

Second in line to experience, is the recommendations section of your LinkedIn Profile. This builds credibility amongst all who may come and visit your profile. But it’s usually not given unless asked for, so you must be proactive in getting it from those who could recommend your services in the future. Also, remember it’s not the quantity it’s the quality, it is much better to receive a well-crafted recommendation from your peer, than a few words from a higher lever director/C-Suite executive.

7. Care. Participate. Share.


Remember one of the reasons why people join LinkedIn is to show others they are knowledgeable about their field of expertise. This is extremely hard to prove if you aren’t active in LinkedIn groups, or choose not to share qualitative content from others. By showing you care and participate in conversations, it is more likely you will be accepted in online peer-to-peer discussions and others will want to share your content.

8. Always complete your ENTIRE profile.

One hundred percent

Did you know LinkedIn profiles that are 100% complete, receive 40x more visibility in comparison to others that aren’t? In case you were wondering a 100% Complete LinkedIn Profile includes:

• Your Industry & Location
• An up-to-date current position/description
• 2 past positions
• Your educational background
• A minimum of 3 skills
• A profile photo
• At least 50 connections

Hopefully by now, you realize the impact a LinkedIn profile has on your potential audience and the way they perceive your brand. So instead of sitting on the sidelines, be sure to create an All-Star LinkedIn profile and get ready to join the Big Leagues.

Natalie Adis

Natalie Adis is MILSPRAY’s Digital Marketing Manager. Adis began her career at MILSPRAY as a Social Media Strategist Intern and worked her way to a full-time Digital Marketing Manager role.

Prior to her coming to MILSPRAY, Natalie had been and still remains the Founder and Owner of the Digital Marketing Agency, Social Splash Guru. As a Hootsuite™ Ambassador and Google Partner she remains an active participant as a Subject Matter Expert in Digital Marketing. She was also featured in Zazzle Media’s Article, “Expert Tips for Impactful Content Distribution.”

She holds both a Bachelor of Arts in Humanities (Spanish Studies) and a Master of Business Administration in Global Marketing from Georgian Court University.

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Military Monday: Salute to 3 Top Defense Discussion Groups on LinkedIn



Today, we would like to send a special #MilitaryMonday Salute to 3 Top Defense Groups on LinkedIn:

Defence IQ – World Defense Community –  This public group has over 10,000 members on LinkedIn and hosts great weekly updates from the Defence IQ Team.

Department of Defense – This private group houses over 40,000 members.  Many of it’s members are Department of Defense professionals. In this group you are able to discuss current events with industry professionals, learn about new technology and upcoming trends, and explore job openings.

Department of Defense (International) –  This public group contains over 2,000 members. Members of this group are interested in networking and staying up-to-date with the latest discussions relating to international military and defense organizations, news and events.

If you have a favorite group on LinkedIn you would like to see added to the list, add the hashtag #SaluteLinkedIn to your tweets.

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