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Military Monday: Salute to 3 Top Defense Discussion Groups on LinkedIn



Today, we would like to send a special #MilitaryMonday Salute to 3 Top Defense Groups on LinkedIn:

Defence IQ – World Defense Community –  This public group has over 10,000 members on LinkedIn and hosts great weekly updates from the Defence IQ Team.

Department of Defense – This private group houses over 40,000 members.  Many of it’s members are Department of Defense professionals. In this group you are able to discuss current events with industry professionals, learn about new technology and upcoming trends, and explore job openings.

Department of Defense (International) –  This public group contains over 2,000 members. Members of this group are interested in networking and staying up-to-date with the latest discussions relating to international military and defense organizations, news and events.

If you have a favorite group on LinkedIn you would like to see added to the list, add the hashtag #SaluteLinkedIn to your tweets.

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