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Tidbit Thursday: Spot Shot™ Touch-Up Pen Do-It-Yourself (DIY) Damaged Surface Repair

Today, we will be restoring a scratched surface of an office filing cabinet to a brand-new state. To do this, we will be using MILSPRAY’s Spot Shot™ Touch-Up Pen which is perfect for any of your touch-up needs.

Step 1 – Find an item with a scratched or damaged surface. (In this case it was a black office filing cabinet.)

Surface Repair 1 Surface Repair 2

Step 2 – What do you need? MILSPRAY’s Spot Shot™ Touch-Up Pen.

Touch-Up Pen

Step 3 –  Shake the MILSPRAY™ Spot Shot™ Touch-Up Pen very well; this is an important step as it ensures even flow and proper mixing of the paint.

Step 4 – Remove the cap and press the tip of the pen onto the surface you are looking to touch-up. The paint will begin to flow. Once the tip is fully saturated, test to ensure the flow is uniform on a test object like a piece of paper.

Pen 2

Step 5 – Once the flow of the pen is even and consistent you are ready to apply the product onto your surface. MILSPRAY’s Spot Shot™ Touch-Up Pen is simple to use! It feels just as natural as using a Sharpie® Marker.

Touch up pen 2

Step 6 – Repeat over scratched up surfaces as needed. Allow to dry and Ta-Dah! 

Touch up pen 1

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