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Tidbit Thursday – Spot Shot™ Touch-Up Pen Cleans Up George Foreman Grill Top

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Tidbit Thursday – Do It Yourself (DIY) Doorknob Necklace Display with the Spot Shot™ Roller

Do It Yourself – Doorknobs Necklace Display Using Spot Shot™ Roller

Simply put we can’t have enough jewelry, whether we prefer necklaces, bracelets or rings. However, in order to follow the latest jewelry fashion keeping our jewelry boxes organized can become quite the problem. No one wants to rummage and sift through a jewelry box to find that one specific piece of jewelry that often times once it’s found its tangled with many knots. The solution is a nice and tidy organizer that will look great in any room and won’t take up too much space.

If you finally want your jewelry organized and get a nice decor piece at the same time, then follow the instructions below to learn what you need and how you can make your own Doorknobs Necklace Display.

Items Needed:

Project Instructions:

Step 1 - Remove Cap

Step 1 – Remove Cap from Wood Stain bottle.

Step 2 Attach the Spot Shot - Precision Roller

Step 2 – Attach the Spot Shot™- Precision Roller 

Step 3 Squeeze Onto Untreated Wood

Step 3 – Squeeze Onto Untreated Wood

Step 4 - Saturate Roller With Stain and Apply

Step 4 – Saturate Roller With Stain and Apply

Step 5 - Allow For Wood To Dry

Step 5 – Allow For Wood To Dry

Step 6 - Insert Doorknobs

Step 6 – Insert Doorknobs

Step 7 - Completed.

Step 7 – Completed.

Spot Shot™ Roller

This Doorknob Necklace Display was completed with the MILSPRAY™ Spot Shot™ Roller, which is available for purchase online at


Quick and easy paint touch-up
Patented roller technology
Storage cap for convenient paint storage – no need to store old paint cans for touch-up

Includes: 1 bottle, 1 roller attachment and paint storage cap

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