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MILSPRAY’s VP, Business Development – Peder Cox to Attend West Point “The Burden” Film Screening

Peder Cox HS

Peder Cox, VP of Business Development

Mr. Cox has over 40 years of both national and international experience in the field of Logistics and Transportation Management. He is a retired U.S. Army officer with a broad span of experience in all areas of logistics management, from the strategic to tactical levels, command and control, United Nations Peacekeeping Operations and Logistics Support and also Security Operations.

Previously he worked for 2 years for Ecolog International as their head of Business Development and Program Support and for 12 years for DynCorp International in all areas ranging from establishing global support operations to running their international recruiting operations and for the last 4 years as a Director of Business Development.

He attended the United States Military Academy and currently holds a B.S., in History from Campbell University and an M.A. in History from the University of Alabama.

Peder will be in attendance at the film screening of “The Burden”on November 20, 2015 at 7:00pm-9:00PM EST at the Historic Thayer Hotel in West Point, NY.


Peder Cox
VP, Business Development
Cell Phone: (US) +1-215-813-7300
Cell Phone: (SA) +27-72-3589723
Office Phone: 732-886-2223

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MILSPRAY™ CEO & President, Brian Feser Congratulates Roger Sorkin

Brian Feser, MILSPRAY's CEO & President

Brian Feser, MILSPRAY’s CEO & President would like to congratulate Producer and Director of The Burden, Roger Sorkin on the selection of his film for distribution by Specialty Studios.

Feser is in full support of the film’s mission which demonstrates the present dangers America’s fossil fuel dependence poses to our economy, environment, armed forces and national security, while demonstrating how the military is positioned to lead development of new clean energy technology.

Feser stated, “The film is a call to action for our country’s decision makers to find alternative sources of fuel that will support the needs of our troops on the ground.”

Currently, the U.S. military is the world’s largest consumer of petroleum. Every dollar increase in the price of a barrel of oil costs the U.S. military $130 million. Fifty percent of all convoy loads is fuel and a tanker truck averages just five miles to a gallon.

The solution is the MILSPRAY™ Scorpion Energy Hunter™ renewable energy system. The system has a proven past performance within the military and reduces fuel consumption up to 80%. With systems being able to generate 15 kW to 200Kw of deployable power and set-up time being 90 minutes or less with two people for unit level Scorpion Energy Hunter™ it is a combat ready system that reduces deployment dependence on fossil fuels.

 To learn more about the MILSPRAY™ Scorpion Energy Hunter™: Click Here

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Photo Recap: Documentary Film – “The Burden: Fossil Fuels, the Military, & National Security”

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On March 27, 2015 – MILSPRAY‘s CEO and President, Brian Feser attended the World Premiere of the Documentary Film,  “The Burden: Fossil Fuels, the Military, & National Security.” 

“The Burden, tells the story of how our dependence on fossil fuels is the greatest long­‐term national security threat confronting the U.S., and how the military is leading our transition away from oil.” –

To learn more about the film you can visit:

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