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New MILSPRAY® Website & Core Competencies Video

Today for #FeatureFriday MILSPRAY® is pleased to announce the launch of our new company website and Core Competencies video.

Website Screen Capture 2

Our revamped website features vibrant images and informative content that provides visitors a more efficient & effective experience when browsing.

Click here to visit our new Website


Our new Core Competencies video gives a brief, yet informative description of the many unique products & services provided by MILSPRAY®.



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PAINTABLES™ Website Launches (

Take the Pain Out of Painting
PAINTABLES™ Website Launches (
August 8, 2016

Have you ever wanted to paint with ease, but you were afraid of the messy and costly process? Today, PAINTABLES™ ( was launched into the online retail space to take the pain out of painting.

Benefits of PAINTABLES™

What Makes PAINTABLES™ So Unique?

PAINTABLES™ is the only product of its kind. PAINTABLES™ is a line of Paint Applicator Kits and Pens that fit all the popular craft paint bottles in the marketplace. PAINTABLES™ gives the crafter complete artistic freedom to choose the products they desire while harmonizing and adopting the PAINTABLES™ Kits of applicator heads. The Roller Applicator with an empty bottle is also offered as a stand-alone product.

PAINTABLES™ unique applicators have been engineered to prevent both clogs and leakages. This exclusive benefit allows our consumers a clean painting environment, while also offering an easy to use method for any age. Just attach the applicator, squeeze the bottle and start having fun.

The PAINTABLES™ Universal Deluxe Kit combines the best of both worlds with a Brush and a Roller Applicator as well as the Universal Adapter for versatility and the Utility Hose Adapter for cleaning. Another great benefit of the PAINTABLES™ Kits is the hassle- free clean-up process when you are done crafting. The Utility Hose Adapter allows consumers to wash out the applicators in a timely fashion or the applicators can be washed out in a household sink with soap and water depending on the type of paint used.

The Universal Adapter is the only product to deliver a universal, agnostic applicator system that fits onto 98% of craft paint bottles. It makes painting easy and fun. Also included is the Large Bottle Adapter that can be used for non-standard bottle top configurations. Each Kit comes with a 4-fluid ounce empty bottle with a cap for filling with your favorite paint and a blank label to identify the contents. The PAINTABLES™ Universal Deluxe Kit is great for stenciling, painting, detailing and more.

PAINTABLES™ are made with top-grade materials, providing long lasting durable products. When you are ready to paint with no fuss, no mess and easy clean-up, the PAINTABLES™ Kits are your solution. It is ideal for school, youth, community groups and home decorating craft projects. By purchasing PAINTABLES™ Kits there is no need for extra materials as consumers have everything they need in one place to create beautiful masterpieces.

In addition to the Paint Applicator Kits, the line includes the PAINTABLES™ Pen. The PAINTABLES™ Pen is ideal for touch-up of scratches on walls, furniture and appliances to mention a few. Quick drying and comes in three universal colors, Gloss Black, Gloss Gray and Gloss White to touch-up any surface with excellent coverage. It is ideal for scratches and nicks. The cap is included to prevent pen from drying out.

So what are you waiting for? Head on over and check out the PAINTABLES™ website!
***15% Discount on all orders placed before September 15, 2016***
(Product will not be available to ship until after September 15, 2016)

Contact: Chantel Robinson, VP, Administrative Operations,, (732) 886-2223.

PAINTABLES™ is a MILSPRAY Military Technologies™

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Press Release: MIL-COMM GROUP INTERNATIONAL (MCGI), Brick, NJ and Freeland, MD (

June 8, 2015

MIL-COMM Group International (MCGI) is excited to announce the launch of their new website,, which goes live today, Monday, June 8, 2015. The newly designed website features their valued Strategic Alliance Partners:

Strategic Alliances

The main goal of the website is to engage visitors with a user-friendly experience with relevant content and information about each Strategic Alliance Partner.

“We recognize the tremendous role our Strategic Alliance Partners play in our success, and want to make sure that our customers have access to the value-added solutions we bring individually and collectively”, said Brian Feser, President & CEO of MCGI. “The website was designed to focus on our commitment to deliver a comprehensive spectrum of unique solutions from a diverse cadre of world-class companies“.

The homepage welcomes visitors with bold colors, a clean layout, and a pictured slide show with featured content. It is divided into four main sections: LEADERSHIP, STRATEGIC ALLIANCE PARTNERS, CAREERS and BLOG. The LEADERSHIP section will highlight the great talent at each company. Our current and prospective customers will find detailed information about the products and services each partner offers in the STRATEGIC ALLIANCE PARTNERS section. The CAREERS section will contain direct links each company’s website about career opportunities. The BLOG will feature new content about each company inspired by our experiences through videos, collateral, testimonials and press releases.

Please visit our new website at to learn more.
MIL-COMM Group International (MCGI) is headquartered in Brick, NJ with offices in Freeland, MD. MCGI is a 100% Service-Disabled Veteran-Owned Small Business (SDVOSB) that serves the defense, commercial and industrial markets, both nationally and internationally.

If you are interested in exploring a Strategic Alliance Partnership with MCGI, please contact

Media Contact:
Chantel Robinson