Where Innovation and Corrosion Requirements Meet!


Renewable Energy Systems

Scorpion Energy Hunter

Renewable Energy Systems– MILSPRAY’s Scorpion Renewable Energy Systems® are comprised of the Scorpion Energy Hunter Power System®, which harvests available solar energy at any given location, and a complete, and ever evolving line of ultra high efficiency system components designed to optimize overall energy efficiency in military environments. Learn More.

Vehicle Wash Systems

Vehicle Wash System 8

Vehicle Wash Systems– MILSPRAY’s Vehicle Wash Systems eliminate time, expense, construction and environmental concerns involved in traditional wash rack acquisition. All of our vehicle wash systems reclaim, recycle, and re-use wash water. Learn More.

Corrosion Prevention, Control, & Repair (CPAC/R)


Corrosion Prevention, Control, & Repair (CPAC/R) In support of U.S. military RESET efforts, MILSPRAY has been deployed to U.S. military installations coast to coast. Utilizing a patent pending, environmentally compliant, portable shelter system, MILSPRAY technicians go on-site to repair and recoat all types of military vehicles and equipment. Learn More.

Touch Up Paint & Coatings

Touch Up Family with Logo.jpg

Touch Up Paint & Coatings- MILSPRAY’s pre-filled touch-up paint kits are self-contained with all items required to perform minor touch-up, such as protective gloves, sanding block, and lint-free tack cloth. They are available with aerosol, brush, or roller applicators. Learn More.

Shelter Systems


Shelter Systems – Customized Blast/Paint Shelter designed to accommodate large assets. Learn More.


Tough Coat™


Tough Coat™ – A lightweight integrated spray-in powder coating system that provides the ultimate in leak-proof military grade technology and enhanced corrosion protection. Learn more.


Blasting and Industrial Services

MRAP Sandblasting Image 1.jpg

Blasting and Industrial Services – MILSPRAY™ provides a diverse suit of services to address any surface treatment and protection challenge. We perform high quality blasting and painting according to our customer’s specifications at our location in Lakewood, NJ. Our 30′ and 50′ blast booth and painting facility are designed to handle your most complex pieces of equipment.

Call today to find out more information: 732-886-2223


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