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Photo Recap: Marine South Expo

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Yesterday, MILSPRAY’s Program Manager of Small Arms Repair, Chris McDonald, attended the Marine South Expo

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Photo Recap: NJAWBO’s 17th Annual Business Growth Conference

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Yesterday, MILSPRAY’s VP of Administrative Operations, Chantel Robinson and Digital Marketing Manager, Natalie Adis attended the New Jersey Association of Women Business Owner’s 17th Annual Business Growth Conference. Our MILSPRAY team members ran into impressive movers and shakers in the crowdfunding arena and had a great time networking with attendees at the event.

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5 Facts About Earth Day

Earth Day

5 Facts About Earth Day

1. The first Earth Day was celebrated on April 22, 1970.
2. On the first Earth Day, approximately 22 million Americans celebrated clean air, land, and water.
3. Gaylord Nelson founded Earth Day while he was working as a US senator.
4. The United Nations officially renamed Earth Day in 2009 as International Mother Earth Day.
5. Earth Day originated in the United States but only became recognized worldwide in 1990.

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Winning with Women Wednesday: Supercharge Your Work Week with a Workout

Winning with Women

Today, is Winning with Women Wednesday and MILSPRAY’s Accounting Technician, Colleen Tully would like to share with you four ways you can revamp your work week with a workout.

At times throughout the work week it’s easy to feel overwhelmed and/or tired from your job. But did you know that by working out you could help reduce your stress at work and feel less tired throughout the day?

Studies have shown that women who workout (ex. walking, biking, aerobics, or weight training) are much happier in their lives.

That is why when I need a few moments to regroup, I take to the roads for a good run. I find that running for me truly helps to clear my mind. Now, I realize that not every woman can’t find the time throughout her day to run, or may not even want to run. But wouldn’t it be nice to have some “You” time?

What I am trying to say is that as women we have so many things on our plate that we need to do, that we often place time for ourselves at the very bottom of the list. However, you need to stay happy and healthy in order to continue to assist others and succeed in your career.

This is why it doesn’t have to be all or nothing when it comes to working out. You CAN find a happy medium to winning in your career, while working out at the same time. You just need to take action in finding that happy medium for yourself.

Here are my 4 tips for staying on track to powering through your work week, even when that silly thing called, “Life” tries to get in the way:

1. Set a goal. Let this be your own goal, not a goal that anyone else sets up for you.

2. Be consistent. Whether it is 5 minutes or 60 minutes set a goal that is reasonable for you to maintain. For example, a 10 minute walk three times a day will add up to a half hour a day before you know it. Creating shorter workouts are a quick and convenient to still succeed in achieving fitness goals for those who do not have a 30 minute block of time in their day to commit to a workout.

3. Make a commitment. You deserve much more than excuses for not working out. Be determined to change your mindset and look for creative ways to add workouts to your agenda. For example, if you have a desk job, start taking a ten minute walking break for lunch, walk during commercial breaks while watching television, or when going shopping at the mall finish a mall lap before going into a store.

4. Be ready. Half of the battle of not working out is not being prepared when the opportunity arises to be active. Remember to have a pair of sneakers handy and even a set of workout clothes in the trunk of your car, so you can change if the opportunity arises.

Just remember, “Your only one workout away from a good mood.”

Colleen Tully is an Accounting Technician here at MILSPRAY.  Tully has over 6 years of Accounting experience and she has worked for MILSPRAY for the past 2 years.  Currently, she is in the Accounts Payable department and is an Assistant to the Director of Finance. Colleen is a highly motivated and truly dedicated MILSPRAY team member.

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MILSPRAY Program Manager of Small Arms Repair, to Attend 2015 Marine South Expo

Chris McDonald HS Final

Chris McDonald is a retired US Marine Corps Gunnery Sergeant with over 20 years of experience in Small Arms Repair and Maintenance Management.

Chris joined MILSPRAY in 2008 as the Subject Matter Expert (SME) for providing Preventative Maintenance Checks and Services as well as Corrosion Prevention and Control solutions to the US Marine Corps. He leverages his vast knowledge of small arms repair and corrosion control requirements from his experiences at the Marine Corps Ordnance at Camp Lejeune, NC.

Chris has been successful in delivering MILSPRAY’s Small Arms Repair; Preventative Maintenance Checks and Services (PMCS) to the U.S. Marine Forces Reserve, U.S. Army and U.S. National Guard.

Chris will be in attendance at the 2015 Marine South Expo on April 23, 2015 which will be held in Camp Lejeune, NC.

Chris McDonald
Program Manager, Small Arms Repair
Cell Phone: 910-382-4380
Office Phone: 732-886-2223
Fax: 732-886-2250

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Motivational Monday: Take a Shot!


Yes, we know the weekend has past and it’s Monday. However, here is a great saying that should inspire you take chances and stay motivated throughout your work week. 

Do you have a leader in mind that demonstrates this quote?

We want to hear about them. Leave a comment in the box below.

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