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Feature Friday: MILSPRAY® To Be Featured on Worldwide Business with kathy ireland®


Image courtesy of Worldwide Business Productions.

Sunday, March 12th at 5:30pm eastern, MILSPRAY® will be featured on Worldwide Business with kathy ireland®, discussing our Innovative Products, Systems, and Services for the U.S. Military. The segment will air on Fox Business Network as sponsored programming for Bloomberg International. Below is the official Press Release for the segment.


Worldwide Business with kathy ireland® See MILSPRAY® Discuss Their Innovative Products, Systems and Services for the US Military

Tune in to Fox Business Network as sponsored programming for Bloomberg International on Sunday, March 12, 2017. See market-by-market listings below.

Worldwide Business with kathy ireland® announces an exclusive story featuring MILSPRAY®, a company that provides products, systems and services to the Department of Defense, government agencies and commercial customers that extend the useful life of military vehicles, aircraft, ships, weapons and equipment

MILSPRAY® is also a manufacturer of renewable energy systems for the military, disaster relief and commercial use. The company has a proven record of performance with highly-trained and skilled corrosion repair personnel, on-site small arms weapons repair teams, deployable vehicle and equipment wash systems, expeditionary renewable and hybrid energy systems, Chemical Agent Resistant Coating systems, specialty coatings, touch-up paint systems and a comprehensive military coatings lab for applied Research and Development. MILSPRAY® was founded in 2001 and is headquartered in Lakewood, New Jersey.

JL Haber, Vice President of Programming for Worldwide Business with kathy ireland®, is proud to feature MILSPRAY®. He says, “Supporting our military is one of the most important things we can do, that is why MILSPRAY® is such an inspiring company. They’ve taken their support of the military to a whole new level. By providing innovative & value-driven solutions in support of the US military, MILSPRAY® continues to go above and beyond for the United States. That’s why we’re so excited to have MILSPRAY® on our show.”

For more information about MILSPRAY®, visit and tune in to Fox Business Network as sponsored programming at 5:30pm EST and at 7:30am GMT, 10:30am D.F and 3:00pm HKT on Bloomberg International.

About Worldwide Business with kathy ireland®
Worldwide Business with kathy ireland® is a weekly business television program featuring real world insights from corporate executives from all over the globe which can be viewed on Fox Business Network as part of their sponsored programming lineup, as well as internationally to over 50 countries on Bloomberg International.

Visit for detailed airing schedules or check local listings.


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Feature Friday: Ballistic Resistant System & Corrosion Prevention, Control and Repair Services

MILSPRAY® provides a wide array of services ranging from Renewable Energy Systems to servicing vehicles via our Tough Coat™ Spray-On Bedliner. Today for #FeatureFriday we highlight our Ballistic Resistant System & Corrosion Prevention, Control and Repair Services.


Ballistic Resistant System

The patent pending MILSPRAY’s Ballistic Resistant System is specifically designed for standard Municipal and State police vehicles. Adding only 32-44 pounds per door*, the Ballistic Resistant System offers Underwriter’s Laboratories (UL) Level-III protection. It is designed for a high level of protection with easy installation at a low cost. The system meets National Institute of Justice (NIJ) as well as UL standards for ballistic resistance and undergoes a series of quality controls and testing in accordance with the standard NIJ test protocol.

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Corrosion Prevention, Control and Repair Services

MILSPRAY® has provided Corrosion Prevention, Control and Repair (CPAC/R) services to the U.S. Military since 2001. We offer a diverse suite of services that address any surface treatment and protection challenge for both military and commercial applications.

We have serviced many assets from local municipalities and police departments to include vehicles from the 1033 Program where excess equipment from the U.S. Department of Defense have been transferred to state and local law enforcement agencies.

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Feature Friday: MILSPRAY™ Receives Registered Trademarks For Core Products

MILSPRAY™ is proud to announce that the Scorpion Energy Hunter® and Spot Shot® names are officially registered trademarks.


Scorpion Energy Hunter®

The Scorpion Energy Hunter® is a patented, deployable renewable energy system that provides 15kW (120/208VAC, 3-phase) up to 200kW of continuous power. With an expeditionary format, its power management capabilities, battery storage and solar harvesting panels are housed within two (2) quadcons. It has the flexibility to fit into many different power and energy roles per the desired application, achieving results such as reducing generator run time, fuel consumption, generator maintenance cost and noise levels. The system sets up in 90 minutes with two (2) trained personnel.  Additionally, MILSPRAY™ has developed a unique auto-start feature, and with the integration of the Scorpion Energy Hunter® with existing military generators, this capability allows them to run only when needed, which results in lower fuel and maintenance costs. This also allows for silent watch capability.

The Scorpion Energy Hunter® was designed to accomplish three primary objectives:

1) Save lives by reducing the number of fuel convoys traveling supply routes in war zones
2) Reduces the demand for fossil fuels by reducing fuel consumption, fuel transport costs and maintenance costs
3) Provides meaningful, reliable power to the warfighter


Spot Shot®     

Spot Shot® is a patented technology (US Patent 8,875,479) with a 2-Stage Agitation System that is designed to quickly and thoroughly redistribute all pigmentation for unmatched touch-up performance. Unlike other self contained spray applicators on the market today, the Spot Shot® is not an aerosol spray paint. In fact, it generates spray pressure using a manual spray pump that relies on fluid pressure to create a mist of paint whereas aerosols rely on chemicals to generate spray pressure. Most aerosol spray paints contain only 10 – 20% paint and the rest is propellant, solvent and gasses. The Spot Shot® contains only U.S. military certified paints and no propellants to give a total solids transfer efficiency of 95%. It is ideal for all touch-up applications to include spot touch-up and stenciling while minimizing the impact to the environment. Some applications include HMMWVs, reconnaissance vehicles, helicopters and fighter jets.


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Feature Friday: Behind The Scenes Photos For Worldwide Business With Kathy Ireland®


Image courtesy of Worldwide Business Productions.

MILSPRAY™ will be featured on an upcoming episode of Worldwide Business with Kathy Ireland® to highlight our products, technologies, and capabilities. Recording has already taken place at our Guam site, and Lakewood, NJ headquarters. A live interview with Kathy Ireland featuring our Vice President of Administrative Operations, Chantel Robinson, and Vice President of Strategic Initiatives & Sales, Peder Cox, will take place at the Worldwide Business studio in Los Angeles, California in late July.


Chief Operating Officer, Liz Shivers, and Guam Site Manager, Ezell Simon, on set during the Guam site recording.

Interviews with kathy ireland® is an award winning business and health program that is independently produced. The show provides its viewers an in-depth opportunity to find solutions to the industry problems from some of the top business leaders from across the globe. The producers of Interviews with kathy ireland® are entering their 20th year of programming and have earned multiple Telly awards over the years. The Telly Awards honors the finest film and video productions, groundbreaking web commercials, videos and films, and outstanding local, regional, and cable TV commercials and programs. With more than 5,000 companies participating on over 500 episodes, the producers of Interviews with kathy ireland® continue to be the premier and targeted source for the latest business and health stories.

Worldwide Business with Kathy Ireland® has featured many large corporations such as AT&T®, Hewlett Packard®, and Microsoft®. MILSPRAY™ is looking forward to the process and the final results of being featured on Worldwide Business with Kathy Ireland®, and believes it will tremendously help increase awareness of our mission, technologies, products, and capabilities.

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MILSPRAY’s VP, Business Development – Peder Cox to Attend West Point “The Burden” Film Screening

Peder Cox HS

Peder Cox, VP of Business Development

Mr. Cox has over 40 years of both national and international experience in the field of Logistics and Transportation Management. He is a retired U.S. Army officer with a broad span of experience in all areas of logistics management, from the strategic to tactical levels, command and control, United Nations Peacekeeping Operations and Logistics Support and also Security Operations.

Previously he worked for 2 years for Ecolog International as their head of Business Development and Program Support and for 12 years for DynCorp International in all areas ranging from establishing global support operations to running their international recruiting operations and for the last 4 years as a Director of Business Development.

He attended the United States Military Academy and currently holds a B.S., in History from Campbell University and an M.A. in History from the University of Alabama.

Peder will be in attendance at the film screening of “The Burden”on November 20, 2015 at 7:00pm-9:00PM EST at the Historic Thayer Hotel in West Point, NY.


Peder Cox
VP, Business Development
Cell Phone: (US) +1-215-813-7300
Cell Phone: (SA) +27-72-3589723
Office Phone: 732-886-2223

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MILSPRAY’s VP, Integrated Logistics Support – Jon Kalfus to Attend Solar Power Northeast

Jon Kalfus VP, Integrated Logistics Support

Jon Kalfus is MILSPRAY’s Vice President of Integrated Logistics Support. Jon comes from a highly diverse engineering background that includes over 30 years of product ideation and development, project management and team leadership. He previously served as a Director of Product Development at Waltron LLC.

He holds a Bachelor of Science degree in Electrical Engineering from the City College of the City University of New York and a Bachelor of Science degree in Accounting from New York University.

Jon is a voting member of the International Electrotechnical Commission (IEC) Technical Committee 82 (TC82), and is currently leading the writing of IEC safety standard 62109-3.  The IEC is a leading organization for the promulgation of product safety standards and Jon is one of only a handful of U.S. delegates on TC82.

Jon is also a member of the Underwriters Laboratories (UL) Standards Technical Panel (STP) 1741, which covers solar energy power generation equipment.

Jon will be in attendance at the Solar Power Northeast meeting that will be taking place from November 18-19, 2015 in White Plains, NY.


Jon Kalfus
VP, Integrated Logistics Support
Office Phone: 732-886-2223
Cell Phone: (732) 552-3554